6 months...

"Why do you keep saying 4 1/2 months?" "Whaddya mean? that's how long we have been open" "Ya, but you have been saying it for a month and a half.... we've been at it for 6 months on the 19th" He's shaking his head at me with total aghast on display. My name is Mandy and I suffer from a complete and total delusion about time. "HI MANDY" or... Am I the only one? It's been six months of running the cafe. A typical day is an early rise and a chilly morning start (no matter the season) We arrive, turn on the fryer, do a quick check and turn on MABEL (our work horse of an espresso machine... she needs time to get all warmed up) I go over our cooler items for sale in the display, put on an apron an

How did we get here?...

I've written about my delusion about time before. After six months of running the cafe, that delusion is ever rampant and still tripping me up at each turn. Hi! IT IS AMAZING TO BE BLOGGING AGAIN! Maybe I should of started with that, but anyone who knows me, is well aware that I'm a creature that grumbles before spewing niceties. It's part of my charm... So much has changed since April 2, 2016.. This time 2 years ago, we were knee deep in the realization that market life just wasn't working. I'm actually writing this while 2 of my favorite customers from the market are sitting behind me! (more about that later...) Not only was it not working, but we were faced with a list of uncertainties as

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