Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located and what are your hours?

Our new address is:

632 Yates Street

Victoria BC V8W 1L3

250 383 2687

We are planning our soft open for May 2022. We no longer operate in Alberta.

We serve a small lunch menu daily.

We offer hand crafted espresso, coffee and tea lattes and proudly serve Roasti Coffee Co coffee. You may also purchase Roasti Coffee Beans. We offer an assortment of soda's by the bottle, fresh cold lemonade and iced lattes. All of our donuts and menu options are vegan and nut free.

We do not serve dairy for our crafted coffee menu.

We offer dine in and there is a gender neutral bathroom that is wheelchair accessible. 

Please respect our space and other customers while visiting. Children are to be supervised.

Please do not send us requests over INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER.

2.Do you make GLUTEN FREE donuts? Take Special Orders? Cater? or do weddings?

At this time. No we do not.  We do not respond to quote requests. You may call us to have donuts reserved for you.

We do not take wedding order requests as we are a small operation and we cannot make the commitment for your special day. Thank you for inquiring.

3.Are your donuts Vegan?

Yes. All of our Donut and Menu creations are Vegan.

4. Nuts? Soy?

 Some toppings for the donuts are nuts. We do not use any peanut products. The donuts themselves are Coconut milk based and contain no nut products. Sprinkles and other toppings contain Soy and the donuts and glazes are made with Coconut milk. When we make buttercream we use a soy based vegan product. Some of the shredded coconut we use has a tree nut advisory. Our cocoa comes with a facility disclaimer advising tree nut/peanut use. We use Almond milk for our coffee services and it is on dedicated equipment. No Almond milk is used in our production.

5. Are your donuts cake donuts?

Yes our donuts are light, crisp, moist cake donuts. You have to try them to see that they are different than your average cake donut. 

6. What are your prices? Do you offer discounts on large orders?

 Our prices are as follows:

1 donut - $2.75+gst

6 donuts - $15

12 donuts - $26

With respect to a discount on larger reservations. We are a very small operation and all of our donuts are made by hand. Our prices reflect our needs to operate as a small business and supporting a small business means respecting their pricing. Thank you.

7. Social Media

We no longer use social media to communicate with customers, take inquiries, respond to questions or comments. We post updates, current offerings and real time information for marketing purposes only. For any additional inquiries please call us at 250 383 2687. No solicitation, Thank you.

8. Gift Cards

We do offer gift cards. In any amount you desire starting with a minimum $15.

9. Do you make Keto, Protein, Gluten free donuts?

No we do not. All of our menu items and donuts are vegan. 

10. Do you Deliver?

As a company, no we do not. We are available on SKIP THE DISHES for delivery, Please refer to our social media for to see our 6 weekly flavors. Please do not attempt to custom order from the flavors on this website, they are there to show you our selections and to see what the donuts look like.

11. I am interested in selling Frickin' Delights Donuts in my business, do you offer wholesale?

At this time, we are a small operation and cannot offer wholesale. Thank you for inquiring