Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?

We have 2 service locations! 

Our Devon location is just 15 minutes SW of Edmonton. 102 - 3 Superior Street is the address.

This location is where all of our donuts are made. Open Thursday To Sunday 10am to 2pm . As of April 25 2020 we no longer offer a food menu. Payment is by Debit or Credit card.

Our second location is just off of Whyte Avenue in Edmonton's Old Strathcona neighborhood. The address is 8011 102 st nw. This take out kiosk is located in a cozy gourmet olive oil shop called "The Olive Nook". We make donuts fresh daily in Devon and ship them to this location. This location has no seating and is open Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. There is parking! This Location offers delivery in Edmonton through DoorDash, UBER Eats and Skip the dishes as of May 2020


Both locations offer reservations to be held for you to pick up. You can call 780 987 4050 to reserve in Devon and 780 244 0695 to reserve at our Whyte Ave location. All we do is take your phone number, the date you would like to pick up, how many donuts and which flavors from our weekly list (we post every Monday on Instagram and Facebook what our flavors for the week are)

Please do not send us requests over INSTAGRAM.

2.Do you make GLUTEN FREE donuts? Take Special Orders? Cater? or do weddings?

At this time. No we do not.  We do not respond to quote requests.You may call us to have donuts reserved for you at either location.

3.Are your donuts Vegan?

Yes. All of our Donut creations are Vegan.

4. Nuts? Soy?

We use Almond milk in our coffee service. Some toppings for the donuts are nuts. We do not use any peanut products. The donuts themselves are coconut milk based and contain no nut products. Sprinkles and other toppings contain Soy, but the donuts and glazes are soy free. When we make buttercream we use a soy free vegan product. Some of the shredded coconut we use has a tree nut advisory.

5. Are your donuts cake donuts?

Yes our donuts are light, crisp, moist cake donuts. You have to try them to see that they are different than your average cake donut. 

6. What are your prices? Do you offer discounts on large orders?

In Devon our prices are as follows:

1 donut - $2.75+gst

6 donuts - $15

12 donuts - $26

At our Whyte Ave location the prices are as follows:

1 donut - $3+gst

6 donuts - $16.25

12 donuts - $30

With respect to a discount on larger reservations. We are a very small operation and all of our donuts are made by hand. Our prices reflect our needs to operate as a small business and supporting a small business means respecting their pricing. Thank you.

7. Social Media

We need you to understand. Our business has changed drastically. We use social media to market what we offer and to keep you updated. We do not have a "social media" manager to answer and respond to all of our inquiries. If you have questions please call our Devon location at 780-987-4050 should you have further questions. Thank you


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