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An obvious question...

January 4, 2018

Why Donuts?

Original Post Date: 04/23/2013



Thank you for visiting us here at Frickin’ Delights! Our journey began nearly one year ago. “We” are a husband and wife who set out on a journey to change our lives, health and happiness all in the hope to achieve a more fulfilling life with each other. We had no idea that following a few simple principles would take us on such an amazing transformation! By simply eliminating all animal products from our diet ( yes….. that means cheese, butter, bacon, eggs… you get the idea) we felt incredible! Within a few short weeks we knew we were forever changed.

After our initial euphoria, reality hit us square in the face. A virtual slap you could say. Out with friends one evening, we felt outcast. We could not convince our familiar crowd that we were really enjoying the food we were eating! I think I lost them when our dinner arrived and my Kale Salad could not entice the way ooey, gooey, melty cheese on a big greasy burger could…. Poor Kale, it never wins. So the challenge was set and I was determined to show the world that Vegan food is delicious… no, not just delicious… down right AMAZING!!

So how do you do that? I tried full “veganized” meals, beautiful desserts ( kuzu lemon curd is pure heaven!) and I had a few takers, a few compliments, but alas! I was set on world domination here! Then it hit me…. like a big beautiful wave of brilliance, bathing me in creative juiciness and pure entrepreneurial delight! My husband in a moment of genius simply stated…. Who doesn’t LOVE a DONUT!! Like I said, the man is a genius!

So 7 months later and we are a few short weeks away from the launch of FRICKIN’ DELIGHTS! I am convinced we can entice you with our rich, scrumptious and delectable flavors. I am convinced you will always want more. Not only will our donuts not harm any animals, we use all organic ingredients, locally sourced and fair trade only. We scaled back the sugar factor and instead bring you true, honest flavor. June 1st we will see you all! Please follow us on facebook and twitter for our updates.

I look forward to proving to you all that eating vegan food is not a sacrifice….. it’s a Damn Frickin’ Delight!!!

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