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Way back to the beginning...

January 4, 2018

Why Vegan?

Original Post Date: 04/24/2013

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"Why Vegan?" It is the immediate response to the declaration "I am a Vegan!" Our response is more often than not..... "Our Health". The truth is Vegan can be really unhealthy, french fries... especially the ones offered on every street block sold under big yellow lights, are in fact "Vegan" But that is no way to eat when your trying to be healthy...right? Or Vegan can be SUPER, LIFE CHANGING and Healthy! We took our time, did our research, cleaned out the pantry and freezer and chose our day to start. On May 5th, 2012 My Husband and I set out on our Vegan journey....
We started by trying to eat "Normal". We replaced Cow's milk with Nut and Soy milks on our cereals. We replaced mayonnaise with Veganaise and our meats with Beans, Tofu, Seitan and Tempeh. We started by replacing and adding, before eliminating and taking away. We both saw incredible results! The pounds melted, the blood pressure went down, the blood sugar stabilized. But by May last year... we wanted more!

A wonderful friend of mine became an excellent resource! She had studied at the world renowned Kushi Institute . She became SheCooksMacro. We started every day with her Morning Quinoa and we became hooked on learning about Macrobiotics. We were on fire! We could not believe how delicious, easy and fun it was to learn about food all over again. We bought books, new cooking equipment and dove in head first..... we felt like kids again! Not only were we feeling great and looking great, we were inspired! Our answer to "Why Vegan?" Became..... "Our Lives".

We had both grown up in the capital city of Alberta. Home of oil, beef and trucks! Around here the diversity is amazing! Large European communities of German, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, French, British Descents with Native Canadian Cultures and an ever vast and growing Asian Community.This has bestowed upon us many diverse eating delights! I knew that in order for us to remain Vegan, we had to take our influences from all of these delights. When we made the decision to open our own business we thought of a few different things. The criteria was simple. It had to be Canadian, Delicious, Vegan and most importantly Marketable! So the Vegan Donut it is!

We are proud to be Vegan. I actually refer to my Husband as the "professional" Vegan. This from a man who viewed pork as a vegetable. He is always experimenting in the kitchen. Everyday he tries something new. It is mind blowing to see him so happy, so excited and looking and feeling so good. "Why Vegan?" ...... "My Husband" To see him Happy, Healthy, Engaged, Spirited, Energetic is all the reason why. So our answer has changed and our response now is to ask a question right back.....
"Why not Vegan?" Especially when you can have your donut and eat it too!

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