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@2018 Frickin' Delights Donuts Inc.

Donut Gallery

Over 84 flavors and counting... yes they're all Vegan!

We Do 6 flavors per week and they change every week!

We post our flavor list on social media every Monday!


& Hours


102 - 3 Superior Street 

Devon, AB    T9G 1E9

780 987 4050 ( No Soliciting)

Tuesday to Saturday 7am to 6pm

Our Kitchen is open 11 am to 4 pm for our hot menu.

Sunday - 10am to 3pm (Our Kitchen is closed. Sundays are for Donuts and Coffee)

Monday - Closed


           1 Donut = $2.75 + GST

            Half Dozen = $15

            Full Dozen = $26

            Please note. We do not offer discounts on large orders.

            Our Donuts are hand made fresh daily with quality                  ingredients. Supporting small businesses means                        respecting their pricing. Thank you. We do offer                      Firesales where you can grab donuts for 50% off.                    Please follow us on social media to catch those offers.

This Location has seating and a menu. There is parking and it is a short 15 minute drive sw of Edmonton,AB


8011 102 st NW Edmonton AB T6E 4A2

Inside "The Olive Nook"

Tuesday to Saturday 8 am to 5:30 pm

Sunday - Closed

Monday - Closed

This location serves Donuts, Coffee, Salads and our Dill Pickle Soup.

It is a take out location with no seating.

There is parking.


           1 Donut = $3 + GST

            Half Dozen = $16.50

            Full Dozen = $30

            Please note. We do not offer discounts on              large orders. Our Donuts are hand made              fresh daily with quality ingredients.

            Supporting small businesses                                means respecting their pricing. Thank                    you. We do offer Firesales where you                    can grab donuts for 50% off. Please                      follow us on social media to catch those                offers.

This location can be found just south of Blush Lane Organic Market.

Roasti Coffee

19 - 52 Brentwood BLVD

Sherwood Park AB T8A 2H6

780 938 3288

Roasti Coffee Co. Will be carrying our donuts Tuesday to Saturday 7am to 6pm.

You may grab a donut to go with their delicious coffee or pick up a dozen to go!

This location is it's own seperate business that we supply. We do not take reservations for this location.

We deliver our donuts fresh to them Tuesday to Saturday. There is parking and seating and other treats!