Valentine's Day Order Request Form

Send your sweetie a surprise!

Start with our 4 delicious gourmet donuts and customize a gift order from our vendors for your Valentine to enjoy!

Fill out the form below!

Here we have a few options for your valentine! 

We have two options that include our 4 gourmet donuts, a gift package and of course delivery to your sweetie! 

Our third option is for those who just want in on the donuts and don't mind the drive out to Devon 

Semi-Precious Heart Pendant on a 17" Gold plated chain
Vegan Coconut Milk Bath, Nectar Essence Spray, Lip Balm
"Frickin' Delights" Themed Coffee Mug
1/2 lb of freshly roasted "Valentine's Day" Blend Coffee Beans
Teeny Scented Mason Jar Candle
One Long Stemmed Rose
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